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The health and well-being of our team is very important to us. As a responsible employer, we see it as our duty to ensure that our employees are happy and healthy. We offer a wide range of different benefits to promote and maintain their health and general well-being. We offer flexible working hours, fresh and healthy snacks every day and an extensive fitness program, just to name a few of our benefits.

Events and challenges

Team spirit is highly significant to us. We attach great importance to joint activities, that are intended to strengthen and further develop precisely that. Regular hiking tours, excursions and fun challenges – with awards ceremonies – are part of our schedule. These activities enjoy great popularity throughout the 4a group. Within our group, FUN is written in capital letters.


“Hard work should be rewarded by good food.” (Ken Follett). This is why our staff has the possibility to order a fresh meal every day. You can choose between a meat or vegetarian menu and various seasonal salads. The meal can then be enjoyed in a cozy atmosphere, like our common room, or in the summer outdoors. Some also take it home with them to save themselves the trouble of cooking. More than half of the cost of these meals is covered by the 4a group.

4academy - Training and further education

In order to remain competitive and always be on the forefront of creating new technology, it goes without saying that we provide our employees with ongoing training and further education. Depending on the career model and requirements, there is the option of attending internal or external courses and seminars. In addition, we offer our managers a tailored program for individual further training. If there is interest and demand, there is also the opportunity to participate in the development of our international locations (Japan, USA and China).

Parental and educational leave

We encourage and value long-term employment relationships and actively support our expectant mothers and fathers, to return to work after their parental leave. Depending on necessity or possibility, we also offer them educational leave to further their education and job specialization.

Home office possibility

Since the pandemic, we have come to know that home office is quite feasible, easy to implement and also very effective. Many employees now prefer to work from home. We are responding to this preference and are ensuring that they are provided with all the necessary work equipment to be able to work comfortably from their home office. However, it depends on the respective area of work whether working from home is possible at all or to what extent.

Flexible working hours where feasible

We are aware that every employee has different routines and preferences. Therefore, we try to take this into account as it is important to us that we respond to the needs of our employees and meet them as good as we can. Where possible, we offer a flexible working hours model, depending on the area of work.

State-of-the-art work-apparel and technical equipment

It is a matter for us to provide our colleagues with all the necessary work equipment, such as work clothes, special safety equipment and company cell phones and laptops. We attach great importance to a high standard of quality. The protection and well-being of our employees is our top priority. We take great pride in our ergonomically designed and are currently expanding this throughout our facilities.


We also know that prevention is always better than cure. The health and well-being of each individual is the clear focus with this initiative. As part of our corporate health management, we continuously implement measures to maintain and improve the vitality and fitness of our colleagues. We offer workshops on various health topics, joint fitness training with our coaches, and ongoing preventive medical checkups. Our company physician takes care of the concerns and needs of each individual and ensures that everyone feels well cared for. We also provide the entire team with regional and healthy snacks such as fruit and vegetables every day.

Company's Attention to Special Occasions

As joy multiplies when shared, we love celebrating our successes and special moments together. Whether it’s births or anniversaries, we offer small tokens of appreciation to show our gratitude. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t appreciate such gestures?

Referral bonuses

When employees recruit new colleagues, they get rewarded. This model has proven its worth and has already brought us many highly qualified team members. It’s an absolute win-win situation: the recruiter is happy to receive a bonus, which is paid on a graduated basis, and we are happy when suitable personnel joins our team.

Parking space as well as e-charging connections

Almost everyone knows the problem of the unpleasant search for a parking space: even when you have found one, it is usually subject to a charge. Here at our premises, however, there are enough free parking spaces as well as e-charging connections.