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in physics we trust

Mission & Vision

We are pioneers in the development of new technologies to make people's lives safer, easier and better. We are the world's most important competence partner for our customers in selected areas of technology. Our products make it possible to actively and safely develop the prosperity of people on this planet.

4a better communication

Leadership in TechnologiesDo what only we can do!

Customer OrientationThink like our customers

Motivated & ProfessionalBe a team of pioneers

High Quality Outcome & SuccessDo what brings success

Our values

…the values of the 4a group

4 advanced customer orientation
The forceful alignment of our activities to our customer´s requests is our most important objective. Each of our employees understands and takes completely to heart the needs and objectives of our customers.

4 advanced team spirit
Joy over the joint creation and recreation is incentive and motivation of our highly qualified team. Hence the talents of each individual employee are nurtured to do pioneering work in a successful team.

4 advanced technologies
We consider ourselves a strongly technology- oriented company. By focusing on our core competences we create technological lead in methods and processes generating and safeguarding the competitive advantage of our customers.

4 advanced High Quality Outcome & Success
From the initial idea to high volume production the economic success of our customer´s products is the epicentre of our quest. Product performance, process reliability and subsequently a high delivery quality are the foundation of our mutual success.

Company policy

The quality policy of the companies belonging to 4a Group derive from our concerted values.

The forceful alignment of our activities to our customer´s requests is our most important objective. A highly motivated, customer- oriented Team endowed with a high level of personal responsibility in an inspiring work environment develops and produces high-quality products generating a large customer benefit. Our dynamic organisational structure combined with the distinct decision-making authority of the individual employee make it possible to quickly and competently react to our customer´s wishes.
Every employee has to understand and internalize the needs and objectives of our customers.

The use of our special technologies enables us to develop new and innovative products that secure our customer´s competitive advantage. Software- based feedback-systems and intelligent information networking guarantee efficient operations and continuing improvement of our processes.

The 4a technology group with its subsidiary companies is focused on lightweight construction and safety products. Environmental responsibility is the major subject of our actions and activities and is implemented in selected development projects and technologies for the benefit of our customers.
The environmental awareness of our employees is regularly confirmed by appropriate active involvement in the company’s environmentally relevant processes. The use of resources is optimized according to the input-output principle with regard to its environmental impact.

Quality Objectives

4 advanced Customer Orientation
Ability to react fast and competently to customer requests

4 advanced Leadership in Technologies
new innovative products and processes, continuous effective improvements

4 advanced Motivated & Professional Team
Challenging and talent-oriented work accomplish a high level of employee satisfaction

4 advanced High Quality Outcome & Success
High quality products, low claim percentage, delivery dates according to customer requests create economic success for all parties